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This super silly book shows kids how to make a booger happy by putting it where it belongs: in a tissue! Fun prose and hilarious illustrations will crack up kids of all ages while teaching important manners. And readers will think twice about where they put their boogers.

Nobody Likes a Booger is the winner of TWO Gold Midwest Book Awards, the silver winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award, and the Mom's Choice Award!

More Nobody Likes a Booger!

Nobody Likes a Booger Cover_edited.jpg

Printable Booger Coloring Page!


About the Illustrator

Brian Barber draws pictures and makes animations and videos from a secret hideaway on the hill in Duluth, Minnesota. He hasn't drawn many boogers since he was eight years old.

Nobody Likes a Booger Cover_edited.jpg

Printable Spike and Tissue Box Coloring Pages!

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